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2021-2022 V-League Season, Men's Foreign Players List

2021-2022시즌 V-리그 남자부 외국인선수 구단별 지명현황 안내 표로 첫 번째 열은 구분, 두 번째 열은 선수사진, 세 번째 열은 선수명, 네 번째 열은 선수신장을 나타냅니다.
Club Name Nationality Height
Leonardo Leyva Cuba 207cm
SUWON KEPCO VIXTORM Bardia Saadat Iran 207cm
SEOUL WOORICARD WIBEE Alexandre Ferreira Portugal 200cm
INCHEON KOREAN AIR JUMBOS Lincoln Williams Australia 200cm

1. Summary

2021 남자부 외국인선수 트라이아웃 가이드라인 개요 표입니다.
Subject 2021 Guideline
Draft · 2021, May 4(Tue)
Qualification · Nationality/Age/Position : No limitation
Location · TBD
Number of Participants · Max of 40 players + Foreign players from 20-21 season who wish to apply. (Max. 47 players)
Selection of Draft Candidates · All clubs submit a list of 50 players to KOVO
· Players ranked in the Top 40 are invited. “Two” players requested by each club are selected regardless of his overall ranking
· If the number of candidates for the Draft is under 30, KOVO selects new participants two weeks prior to the Draft
· Players selected as draft candidates must submit a signed foreign player uniform contract to his agent
· Penalty for canceling contract : 100% of salary
· Penalty for rejecting to be a draft candidate : 2 years prohibition including this year.
   The player is prohibited from applying for the year 2021 and 2022 and may apply again in 2023
Number of Players per Club · 1 player per club

2. Condition of Contract

2021 남자부 외국인선수 트라이아웃 가이드라인 계약조건 표입니다.
Subject 2021 Guideline
Contract Period · August ~ March (8 Months). However, it may continue to April due to PS, Top Match Schedule,
    and mandatory KOVO events(e.g. Award Ceremony)
Salary 7 Players · 1st Year (New) : USD 400,000 (Tax included, GROSS)
      ※ Payment Method : Base salary equally divided
      [Base salary $340,000/8Months, monthly wage($42,500) + $30,000 after 3rd/6th round]
· 2nd Year and more (Renewal of contract with the same or different club): USD 550,000 (Tax included, GROSS)
      ※ Payment Method : Base salary equally divided
      [Base salary $490,000/8Months, monthly wage($61,250) + $30,000 after 3rd/6th round]
      * 20-21 season players who resign with the same team : USD 600,000 (Tax included, Gross)       ※ Payment Method : Base salary equally divided · Players are responsible for taxes
Option Bonus · Post-Season Champion : USD 30,000
   (Tax included, Gross)
· Regular Season Champion : USD 20,000
   (Tax included, Gross)
· PO Qualification : USD 10,000
   (Tax included, Gross)
· Only the highest bonus will be given to the player depending on the club’s
    final record. Therefore, the maximum amount of bonus
    (except Game winning bonus) a player may receive is USD 30,000
· Game Winning Bonus : Playing one set counts as one game
Per win · Bonus per win : USD 1,000(Tax included, Gross) per winning game(Option applies for Regular Season)
Benefit · Round-trip flight ticket(player 1 trip, family 1 trip(up to 2 tickets), total 3 tickets max.), Housing
Other · Additional payments other than the salary and options(bonuses) stated on the contract are prohibited
Joining Date · Players may arrive after the 1st of July and considering the duration of quarantine regarding COVID-19, players must be able to join the club by August 1st
    ※ Additional income due to the arrival before August 1st may not be given · If joining the club is delayed beyond August 1st due to personal issues that the club has not agreed upon,,
    the club may deduct the total amount of income by the number of days the player is late to join the club from August 1st
· Penalty : If a club enters a player before July 1st, the player will not be allowed to play for the number of matches
    equivalent to the number of days entered early
    (e.g. Player enters June 28th = 3 days early entrance = Player cannot play the first 3 matches of 21-22 season)
·Method of checking entry date : When registering player for 21-22 season, clubs must submit a copy of the players
   passport(page indicating the date of entrance)
Medical Test · Medical Test by a doctor designated by the club after joining the club
· The club may terminate the contract if player fails to receive clearance from the medical test
Renewal of Contract · No limits on the number of times of renewing a contract
· Players renewing the contract for more than two years receive the second year salary
· Other terms of the contract is applied by the tryout regulation of the corresponding year
Replacement Player · All applicants are available for replacement players except players that were drafted by a club, have refused to be a draft
    candidate, have a false profile, or were defined as “lacking sincerity” during the tryout
    (No limits on the number of replacements before the start of the season / 2 replacements allowed during the season.)
· If there is no available player in the replacement player pool, the club must continue the contract with the initial player
· Salary for Replacement Players : Salary is calculated by dividing the base salary by 8 months and multiplying
    by the remaining months and can be given up to 150% of the monthly base salary. Moreover, the player’s salary cannot
   exceed the initial annual income(USD 400,000)
· Draft player on transfer or loan
    - Player on loan : Player cannot be replaced(Player is affiliated with the club)
    - Transfer player : Player may be replaced

3. About Renewal

2021 남자부 외국인선수 트라이아웃 가이드라인 우선지명 관련 표입니다.
Subject 2021 Guideline
Preferential Right
(Renewal of Contract)
· The original club has the preferential right to their player and must inform KOVO
    about the renewal of the contract until 18:00
    the day before the 2021 draft (May 3rd) → KOVO notifies other clubs about the renewal of contract
· The club and player may sign the contract before the draft and the club must submit the contract when notifying KOVO
    about the renewal(18:00, May 3rd)
· The club that has decided to use their preferential right must draft their player at the draft
· Clubs that have not used their preferential right may draft their original player by drawing order at the draft
· Players may not refuse the preferential right of the club (If player refuses, player may not participate in this year tryout)
Players of 20-21 Season
who wish to participate
in 2021 Tryout
· Players of 20-21 season who wish to participate in 2021 tryout must apply with KOVO’s registration forms
    within 7days after the date of when the regular season ends
· Participants of the tryout cannot decline the offer if selected in the draft
    (Players must submit consent form with the above agreement when submitting application)
    If a player declines an offer, the player is prohibited from participating in the tryout for the 3 seasons(including this year)
· 20-21 season players who wish to participate in 2021 tryout : Must submit signed foreign player uniform contract

4. Tryout Camp

2020 남자부 외국인선수 트라이아웃 가이드라인 연습경기 관련 표입니다.
Subject 2021 Guideline
Practice Game · Cancelled
· Replaced by videos submitted by players on registration

5. Draft

2021 남자부 외국인선수 트라이아웃 가이드라인 드래프트 행사 관련 표입니다.
Subject 2021 Guideline
Date and Location · Date : Tue 4 May, 2021, Time TBD
· Location : TBD
Draw (Probability) · 7 Teams (140 Beads)
2021 남자부 외국인선수 트라이아웃 가이드라인 드래프트 행사 관련 표입니다.
Rank 7th 6th 5th 4th 3rd 2nd 1st
Number of Beads 35 30 25 20 15 10 5
Participants · Club and foreign player agents
Method of Draw · Draw of beads from all the clubs including clubs that have used their preferential right
· After 3 clubs have been selected, draw of beads from the remaining 4 clubs
About Draft Event · To reduce time, each club will select the color of the beads prior to the draft
· 10 minute break after the draw and the decision of the draft order(1st~7th)
About Contract · Candidates for the draft must submit a signed contract to KOVO before the draft
· Clubs will sign the contract submitted by the player making the contract official
· Penalty for player canceling contract : 100% of salary
· The Player or Agent is held responsible for any penalties or transfer fees due to a dual contract by player with another club

6. Agent

2021 남자부 외국인선수 트라이아웃 가이드라인 에이전트 관련 표입니다.
Subject 2021 Guideline
Mandatory · International agent must have a partner agent who lives in Korea for domestic management of the player and better
    communication with clubs(When registering player, documents must indicate partner agent’s name)
· 30 players limit per 1 agency
· Agent must be familiar with player’s status such as drug abuse, illegal records, and serious injury which might lead to
    termination of contract
· Agent must manage player’s physical status until player joins the team
· If player fails to meet any precedent conditions of the contract such as illegal acts of drugs/medication,
    or false entry of severe injury/surgery history, the agent fee is not given
Fee · Agent Fee : 15% of player's salary (NET)
   1) 1st Year (New) : 12% of player’s salary(NET)
   2) 2nd Year and more (Renewal of contract with the same or different club) : 8% of player’s salary(NET)
    ※ 20/21 Season players who resign with the same club : 6% of player’s salary(NET)
    1) Same Agent : 8% of replacement player's salary(Total amount of fee will not exceed 15,000USD).
    2) Different Agent : 8% of replacement player's salary(NET)
Submitted Material
(Method of Submission)
1) TRYOUT REGISTRATION FORM & Profile(KOVO form, player’s Records of last two seasons must be
      attached with # of games/sets played, points, attack success rate, blocks, digs and any specified game records)
      ① Player is free agent so player(or agent) is responsible for problems which occur with his previous team
            & ‘Player must sign with the club who selects in the draft’ (KOVO form)
      ② Letter from former club that proves player is free to sign with other club
            (requires signature of former club and player)
5) Video(3 Types)
      ① Two full-game videos in the last two seasons (should be high-quality to recognize player)
            - video must be filmed in recent 2 seasons
            - Youtube or Internet link is not allowed (Video must be filmed by player or former club)
            - Need description to clearly identify the player.
      ② Highlight Video (Less than 3 minutes)
      ③ Self-commentary video that mentioning “I, (player's name) born on xx, xx, 19xx declare to
            apply for 2021 KOVO Tryout & Draft.”
6) POWER OF ATTORNEY (Player → Agent or original agent → Korean Agent)
7) If original agent entrust his right to Korean one, contract between original agent and player is required
8) (For ex-KOVO V-leaguers) Confirmation letter of completing Korean Tax payment
Agent Eligibility and
· Agent Eligibility :
    - Based on the FIVB Sports Regulations 2020, player agent must obtain FIVB official agent license. Korean agent must have
    FIVB official agent license and be registered in Korean Volleyball Association
    - Korean nationality agents must renew his or her license from KVA · Restrictions :
    - Based on KOVO commissioner’s authority, agent can be banned and his or her player will be disqualified
    for tryout & draft as followed;
        · An agent creates disgraceful condition which is against FIVB/KOVO tryout guideline, or submit false information(profile,
            injury records, drug abuse, etc.) on players’ registration for the tryout
        · An agent who has a history or causing trouble with KOVO or its clubs previously so that either KOVO would determine
            one of its clubs would request to be banned

7. Other

2021 남자부 외국인선수 트라이아웃 가이드라인 연습경기 관련 표입니다.
Subject 2021 Guideline
Club’s Pre-inspection
of Player
· Club may check a player prior to the tryout. However, club must inform KOVO and other clubs in the league
· Club may only check player’s techniques and may not make any contact with the player or agent
    (greetings, exchanging name cards, etc.)
· Penalty for pre-contact with player : The club will be prohibited from having a foreign player this season

8. Operational Plan

Operational Plan
Date Event Request Place
2 Mar (Tue) ~ 15 Apr (Thu) Registration Period Player’s profile, documents & video -
12:00 23 April (Fri) Candidate selection Period(KOVO) - -
24 April (Sat) Announcement of Candidates Notify players who are selected as candidates -
4 May (Tue) Draft -