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2016-2017 V-League Season, Men's Foreign Players List

2016-2017시즌 V-리그 남자부 외국인선수 구단별 지명현황 안내 표로 첫 번째 열은 구분, 두 번째 열은 선수사진, 세 번째 열은 선수명, 네 번째 열은 선수신장을 나타냅니다.
Club Image Name Nationality Height
INCHEON KOREAN AIR JUMBOS Samantha Middleborn Mitja Gasparini Slovenia 202cm
GUMI KB STARS INSURANCE GREATERS Leslie Cikra Artur Udrys Belarus 210cm
SUWON KEPCO VIXTORM Emily Hartong​ Arpad Baroti Hungary 204.5cm
SEOUL WOORICARD HANSAE Tabitha love​ Krisztian Padar Hungary 196.5cm
CHEONAN HYUNDAI CAPITAL SERVICES SKYWALKERS Madison Kingdon Toon van Lankevelt Canada 200cm
ANSAN OK SAVINGBANK RUSH&CASH Madison Kingdon Ronaldo Cepeda Abreu Cuba 198.3cm

2016 Korea V-League Try-Out

2016 Korea V-League Try-Out
Subject Detail
Date & Schedule May 11 ~ 13th, 2016 (3days) Date 5.9 (Mon) 5.10 (Tue) 5.11 (Wed)~
5.14 (Sat)
Schedule Arrival Rest Practice match / Draft (13th) Departure
Place Songlim Gymnasium, Incheon, Korea
Eligibility of Participants No limitation in nationality, age, and position
Invited Participants 24 players 1. For a practice match, each team will be composed of four foreign players (participants).
       A setter and a libero will be Korean players. (Foreign player 4, Korean player 2).
2. Therefore, invited players are 24 total.
Basic Salary US $300,000(net) All drafted players (7 total) : US $300,000
Contract Period One season August ~ March (Contract can be extended by April depending on postseason schedule, and attendance to federation’s events (e.g. V-League awards) is mandatory.)
No. of Players One player per team
Bonus Final Champion
US $30,000
The bonus policy is applied to 7 teams equally
Regular Season Champion
US $20,000
Only the highest bonus will be given to a player depending on team’s final record. Therefore, the maximum amount of bonus (except Game winning bonus) a player can get is US $30,000. (Semifinal is not applicable.)
PO advance
US $10,000
Game Winning
US $1,000
Game winning bonus: Regardless of playing time, official participation(playing for one set) is considered as one match.
Joining Date August 1st, 2016 1. Joining before August 1st is not allowed.
2. Players can join after August 1st with team’s approval.
      If a player do not join on agreed date, a team can impose a penalty to a player.
Player’s Penalty 100% of Salary Emphasize the binding force and the player’s responsibility through the strict penalty policy.
Possible 1. Participants pre-checking is possible. However, teams must notify the federation and the
      other teams if the trip for player check is decided.
2. Checking players' skills is allowed, but accessing to players and agents is prohibited.
      (actions such as greeting/exchanging name cards are prohibited.)
3. Penalty from accessing to players: The team cannot have a foreign player for the year.
Expansion of
Replacement Player Pool
1. If replacement player is needed, team can make a contract with a player among 24 invited
      participants as well as first selected participants (about 50 players).
2. However, a player who does not accept the invitation or not participate will be excluded
      on the replacement players list.
Player's Salary
Team pay replacement player's salary as much as the remaining term of the V-League.
Agent Fee 15% + Bonus 1. Increase in agent fee from 10% to 15% motivates agents to secure excellent players.
2. In addition, there will be an extra bonus for an agent who secures players the most among
      24 participants.
Distribution 1. Fee(15%) : Drafted player’s team pays
2. Bonus(Max. 5%) : KOVO pays
    : Two agents who secure players the most among the final participants (24) will receive.
       (1st: 3%, 2nd: 2%) Rank will be determined among agents who secures more than
       3 players.

Operational Plan

Operational Plan
Date Event Request Note
February 15, 2016 (Mon) ~ March 25 (Fri) Application due Player’s profile,
documents & video
February 15, 2016 (Mon) ~ April 4 (Mon) Applicants selection period
April 4, 2016 (Mon) Player selections to invite
and notice to agents
Confirmation of invited players
May 9 , 2016 (Mon) Arrival Participants care
May 11, 2016 (Wed) ~ 13 (Fri) Practice match
May 13 2016 (Fri)(Scheduled at PM3:00) Draft 3:00pm

* Schedule can be changed.

Provided by KOVO for participants during the Try-out period

Provided by KOVO for participants during the Try-out period
① Airfare (Cash refund, Round trip economy class ticket only, amount must not exceed more than 3,000,000won)
② Hotel and food
③ Transportation (Hotel → Gym, Gym → Hotel)

* Shuttle from airport to hotel will not be provided.

List of documents applicants must submit (Forms are available to download at the bottom of this page except a profile)

List of documents applicants must submit (Forms are available to download at the bottom of this page except a profile)
① PROFILE(There's no KOVO form of profile. Agents must submit with their own forms of profiles)
⑦ Videos of player's games (Two games and must be a full game, not 2~3 mins highlights)
      - Please let us know whether the type of video is URL or file. (If a file size is too big to send through an email, contact to KOVO.)

* Submit player profile, documents and videos to (

Agent Regulations

Agent Regulations
① Contract: Based on the agent rules of FIVB 2015, agents(Koreans/International) must have the official FIVB license to perform transfer related works
      (All Korean agents must be registered by KVA after obtaining FIVB license)
② Agents and his or her players will be suspended from try-out participation for more than a year for following cases;
      - Violating FIVB agent regulations
      - Violating KVA agent regulations
      * In addition, agents could be sanctioned by the authority of the KOVO commisioner for cases which he decides to be sanctioned.

KOVO Contact Information

KOVO Contact Information
Mr. Kyongmin Chang (Manager,, 82-2-6393-5408)

Download attachments

You can download the tryout attachments.