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Koo, Cha-Joon, Commissioner Of Korean Volleyball Federation

Greetings to all V-League fans and families who support us with all your loves for volleyball.

As we enter into the autumn, V-LEAGUE is finally here with more variety to watch. KOVO (Korean Volleyball Federation) is hoisting its flag to start NH NongHyup 2016-2017 V-League with the opening game of the depending Champion, OK Savings Bank vs the Runners-up, Hyundai Capital Skywalkers.

During past 6 months all 13 Men's and Women's teams have built new strategies and trained to improve to provide better games for fans. With all these efforts, we are proud to present teams with stronger performance.

To establish their own styles and colors, teams poured their best efforts. Three teams hired new head coaches and many teams improved themselves by trades and signing free agents. Transferred players showed their skills during 2016 KOVO Cup Competition. It was great to see that new players lead their teams with the best performance.

Moreover, based on last year's women's try out, all 13 Men's and Women's teams drafted foreign player's through Try-out in this year. Players are firmly determined due to rigorous process. We will see more 'hard-to-predict' games with dramas because we no longer have a ultimate dominant team.

From this season, we are going to have Friday matches. which will lead more fans to be able to come and enjoy games. This shows our strong willingness to bring more fans to arena and we will do our best service for fans to provide the best experience from V-League.

We sincerely thank our title sponsor NH NongHyup, Kim Jung-Sik vice president of NH NongHyup, and his staffs that supported V-LEAGUE for ten straight seasons which is the longest title sponsor in the history of Korean professional sports. Additionally, we would like to express our appreciation to our TV partner KBS, KBS N, SBS Sports and also all of the media who are delivering the beauty of V-League out to the world.

Thank you.   

October 15th, 2016
Korean Volleyball Federation president CHA JOON KOO